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Northridge Waterberg Retreat

Northridge Waterberg Retreat Centre was developed to meet the needs of an earnest dedicated group of fine people seeking to come together in a peaceful and remote locality to pursue the universal teachings of natural or universal law, as espoused by the Wise since the beginning of recorded history.

For more information or to make a booking, please call Dawn on the following:

Cell:082 441 5720
The retreat is a modest but comfortable centre with all necessary amenities, as we are not seeking to enhance the senses but rather to go beyond the senses. The setting however, is exquisite. Northridge is in a gentle valley between a north and south facing ridge, well wooded, in African bushveld and abounding with wildlife of every type.

Currently the retreat can sleep 24 people comfortably. There is a comfortable cottage with a dedicated bedroom for the group leader. There are cooking facilities, dining facilities, lecture/meditation room, swimming pool, a spot for a bushveld evening bonfire and a meditation temple.
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