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The wise say: "Water is the gross expression of the subtle element, Love." Water brings life and is life.
Ponds & Palms specialises in creating water bodies just where you need them for aesthetic and ecological purposes. Even as far as Sydney, Australia. Our Services » We stock the Giant Leather Carp and various Koi Fish.
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For over 40 years our company has been constructing water bodies of various types throughout the sub-continent and abroad. We specialise in the construction of lakes, dams, rivers, rock swimming pools, koi ponds and wetlands. A water body is a living entity that requires a holistic approach, and we are able to take a given design, or recommend a design and adapt it “in the ground” so that the outcomes are sustainable in the long term and the aesthetic value provides the recreational potential both visually, and if required, audibly, that one might expect.

We have also been engaged in repairing and upgrading water bodies which were either poorly constructed or lack the aesthetic or functional values required including in zoos, snake parks and crocodile farms and understand the needs of animals in relation to water bodies. We also construct angling rivers and dams and since we are suppliers of fish, we understand their needs as well. We are also able to feed sewage and waste water through wetlands, thereafter directing the cleansed water into dams, rivers, ponds etc, thereby compensating for evaporation and making good and proper use of “unwanted water”.


Does not purchase wild caught carp whatsoever. We are aware that there is a lot of illegal carp poaching taking place with carp being clandestinely transported to fishing venues. We distance ourselves from this practice. We also do not sell wild caught carp as this is not permissible and carries a high risk of spreading KHV virus, an incurable disease which will kill all fish in the dam or lake into which they are introduced. These fish can also carry and transmit other diseases. Please do not contact us with regard to selling us wild caught carp. Please report any capture of fish for potential smuggling to other venues to help prevent the spread of disease and the removal of specimen fish where anglers rely on their recreational fishing or where the owner of the dam/lake will suffer a loss. STOP FISH POACHING


Largest angling carp in the world

Giant leather carp – D on W variety.  Largest angling carp in the world.  These fish can be purchased from 11 – 40cm. To obtain stock of this rare and phenomenal angling carp contact us for further information.  Price lists on request.  A MUST IN YOUR ANGLING DAM.

waterberg water lilies

Both the Waterberg Water Lilies and the Giant Mega Carp are available from our shop MEGA CARP INTERNATIONAL.
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